James Flynn

Solutions Consultant

A HACCP software systems consultant with over 20 years experience helping industry implement and adopt integrated food safety and quality management systems. James has been in food and beverage factories dealing with food safety issues for almost all his adult life and is responsible for driving product development and understanding the business needs of our customers.

He’s passionate about food safety, approachable and more than happy to listen to your challenges and help in any way possible. Contact James here for a no obligation chat about your food safety management needs.

Gwyneth Robertson

Operations Manager

Gwyneth is a highly motivated and effective manager with over 25 years experience who leaves no detail to chance. She is responsible for keeping the team at HACCP Now organised and ensures that our customers always know that they are our top priority. As well as running our operations and business administration, Gwyneth makes sure that every aspect of our business is fit for purpose and constantly challenges the team to do their very best for the customer.

Feel free to contact Gwyneth here if there is anything about our business, good or bad, that you wish to discuss.

Mark Connolly

Marketing Consultant

Mark is a Chartered Marketer with 12+ years business experience. He is passionate about understanding the needs of our customers and helps us communicate the benefits of HACCP Now effectively. Mark’s ensures we know what our customers priorities are and communicates how we can be effective in nurturing satisfied customers that are happy to recommend HACCP Now to others.

Mark’s marketing agency Marketing Mavens (www.marketingmavens.co.uk) helps us devise an overall marketing strategy from website design, digital communications, branding, SEO and social media strategies and implementation plans.