What HACCP Now does for you:

1. HACCP / quality documentation
2. Keeps everything up to date
3. Supplier management
4. HACCP & food safety training
5. Product specification
6. Schedule and complete audits
7. Electronic data capture

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What’s in HACCP Now?

HACCP Now helps manage food safety in a holistic and integrated fashion:

  • HACCP & quality documentation
  • Document management & control
  • Product specifications
  • Raw material specifications
  • Supplier management, approvals and assurance tracking
  • Traceability (coming soon)
  • Custom data capture forms
  • Audit management
  • Corrective action and workflow management
  • Employee training & e-learning

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Focus on what’s important:

Food safety requires many documents, procedures, records and reviews. HACCP Now takes the guesswork out of food safety by:

  • Highlighting problems and issues
  • Identifying what’s overdue
  • Assigning tasks to relevant staff
  • Monitoring suppliers
  • Automating important workflows

Stop monitoring everything in spreadsheets and start focusing on what needs done now and assign and monitor tasks and progress.

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Why HACCP Now is different:

What’s special about HACCP Now?

  • The Primority concept – identify your most important food safety priorities
  • Modular approach – implement as much or as little as you want
  • Integrated – we are the only HACCP software provider that will integrate with your other systems
  • Flexible – it’s highly configurable for any situation
  • Affordable – for both small and large food businesses

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